16 Apr 2015

Questions Regarding FUE Hair Transplant Results

For Norwood type 3 baldness pattern I have been advised 2000 grafts through strip. Are strip results better or should I get FUE. My consulting surgeon is doing manual FUE Hair Transplant. Isn’t that risky? As far as I know it will be causing more hairs damage and lesser density.

16 Feb 2015

Have You Ever Considered an Eyelash Transplant?

Long, full lashes are becoming more and more sought after these days, and techniques such as eyelash extensions are growing in popularity. A prescription medication, Latisse, is even available for those desiring eyelash augmentation. But what if you could make those lengthy lashes permanent without the use of medication or

Stem cells
29 Jan 2015

New Treatment for Hair Loss Using Stem Cells-Grown Hair

In recent hair loss news, a study performed by Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute was released in the journal PLOS One.  According to this study, which was published just a few days ago on January 26th, researchers may be closer than ever to determining a means to generate new hair follicles.

17 Nov 2014

Are you looking to give your hair growth a boost?

If so, using a caffeine shampoo could be just what you need. According to a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, caffeine was proven capable of reversing the inhibitory effects testosterone has on the hair follicles. This study aimed to determine the effects of caffeine and testosterone on

02 Nov 2014

Hair Transplants Really are Life Altering

This is most definitely the case for 11 year-old Cokie Allen. The young girl suffered crippling burns before the age of 1. At the time, she was abandoned at a Chinese hospital.  Today, she is the adopted daughter of a loving family in Indianapolis. Since her injuries, Cokie has undergone

LeBron James Hair
18 Sep 2014

Did LeBron James Get FUE Hair Transplant Surgery?

If LeBron James really did have a hair transplant, it sounds as if he did plenty of research. Hair transplantation can have a profound affect on one’s appearance, so choosing the right surgeon and procedure to fit your needs is crucial. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the the most advanced

heart disease
23 Feb 2014

How Can Male Hair Loss Predict Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Risk?

According to the BMJ Open online journal, support has been found that can connect male baldness on the top (crown) area, known as the vertex, with an added risk for coronary heart disease. Hair loss in or around the hairline is not associated with this same risk. Six studies were

19 Nov 2013

Temporary Shedding Post Hair Transplant Surgery in Women

I’ve seen some of your posts on some hair loss forums talking about PRP and ACell. I just had this procedure done two weeks ago and have since then seen an increase in shedding. I saw that you wrote that you’ve never had this happen, although it has been reported.

17 May 2013

What Percentage of Patients Respond to PRP and Acell?

What percentage of patients respond to PRP and Acell injections and what is the optimal concentration of platelets and Acell. I am currently 55 years old. I think you have summed up the current state of PRP/Acell perfectly. I began using PRP at a roughly 5X concentration in 2010 after

25 Apr 2013

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery And Hair Loss

My mother had esophageal band surgery a couple of years ago due to her excessive weight problem. Following this she has noted progressive hair loss and a change in her personality. I’ve read that band surgery and stomach stapling can cause hair loss. Is this true? Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery: