Hair loss affects both men and women. The overwhelming majority of men and women who have hair loss are concerned about their hair loss. Until recently patients had only one surgical solution to add hair to the top of their scalp. That solution was strip harvesting. Today patients have a better option, follicular unit extraction (FUE). Here are the top five reasons why patients who want to restore their hair loss should consider FUE as a hair transplant solution.

[dropcap style=’box’]1[/dropcap] You avoid the unsightly strip scar in the back of your head. No one can predict how wide the strip scar will be. Strip scars tend to become wider when you need a second or third procedure. FUE allows you to avoid the strip scar altogether.

[dropcap style=’box’]2[/dropcap] With FUE you get 33% more hair with each graft. With strip surgery, the surgery technicians dissect the grafts down predominantly into one and two hair grafts. This means you often pay twice or three times for the same follicular unit. FUE allows you to receive intact follicular units and 33% more hair with each graft.

[dropcap style=’box’]3[/dropcap] Follicle injury is less likely with wellperformed FUE. Strip harvesting results in a much higher follicle injury rate. That’s the dirty secret that strip surgeons don’t want you to know. That’s why they don’t calculate it.

[dropcap style=’box’]4[/dropcap]FUE helps you avoid problems such as persistent pain, numbness, or tightness in your donor area that is almost universal with strip surgery. Because FUE is performed in a more superficial plane, the nerves and blood vessels are not cut. Also, the scalp is not left tight because a wide chunk is not cut out as is performed in strip surgery.

[dropcap style=’box’]5[/dropcap] The results are better with FUE than with strip surgery. FUE creates a better result from the same number of grafts. FUE even produces a better result from fewer grafts. This is because FUE grafts have both a lower follicle injury rate and more hair per graft. On top of that time out of body (TOB) is much less with FUE grafts. Typical strip surgery procedures often leave the grafts out for over 5 hours. FUE grafts are generally placed within the first one-hour of harvesting. All of these factors help to insure a better yield from a FUE procedure.