Dr. Cole, can you really get better coverage with fewer grafts using FUE?

Many poorly informed physicians claim that you cannot get as good of a result with FUE as you can with strip surgery. Strip surgeons use this misinformation as marketing for strip surgery. Such is not the case. As I’ve stated for many years, you can get better results with FUE than you can from strip surgery. The reason are quite evident. First, with FUE, the grafts spend less time out of body. Second, the FUE grafts contain more hair in each graft than with strip surgery. In fact, the average FUE graft contains 50% more hair than the average strip graft.

Here is a classic example. Most strip physicians would have done 2500 to 3000 grafts in this case to obtain a comparable result that we obtained with only 1800 grafts. Not only did we show that one can obtain better coverage with fewer grafts, we showed that this FUE result from 2004 has stood the test of time. Seven years later the patient still has outstanding coverage despite further hair loss.

Over all planning includes planning for the future. If a patient agrees to planning for the future, further surgery in the short term to keep up with future hair loss is often avoided for many years.

The following patient had CIT procedure of 1,845 grafts. His results show the benefits of the CIT method of FUE.