I am female and have a lot fallen hair during 5 mounts last 2 years I had same problem but I had mesotrophy my hair and it was effective for me. I would like to know prp is working for growing the new hair or not because my husband done prp 8 mount ago but nothing is change and he didn’t get back any result from it please consulting me.

PRP and Acell can improve hair diameter and coverage in up to 70% of individuals who are suffering from miniaturizing hair loss. PRP and Acell also seem to work in some patients with alopecia areata. PRP and Acell do improve hair quality in all individuals. PRP must be activated so that the platelets release their growth factors, however. Some physicians inject the PRP, but never activate the platelets. Platelet activation is an important aspect of of the PRP treatment. Without platelet activation, you should not expect any benefit from the PRP. Of course with platelet activation, the PRP seems to improve coverage in only 70% of the patients who receive the treatment.