Dr. Cole and his staff recently received updated results of a patient who had  an FUE hair transplant surgery. Dr. Cole and staff placed 2500 grafts to the frontal and top areas of this patient in 5 and ½ hours. bellow are the post-op (before and after) photos of a patient. The results are excellent and the growth is above normal for FUE HT.

This patient had early thinning throughout the top of the scalp and was treated with PRP and Acell.

Dr. Cole Said:
“Prior to surgery we evaluated his cross sectional trichometry in 4 locations including the front, top, Crown, and donor area. Prior to surgery he had 76% loss at 14 cm above the glabella, 65% loss 18 cm above the glabella, and 45% loss 24 cm above the glabella.”

5 months after his hair transplant and Acell/PRP treatment 
His hair loss at the 8 cm above the glabella was 52% (prior to surgery there was so little hair at 8 cm that we could not measure his the hair loss percentage). The loss at 14 cm above the glabella was 35%, the hair loss at 18cm was 47%, the hair loss at 24 cm was 0%. The area at 24 cm was treated almost exclusively with PRP and ACell. This shows that Acell and PRP can have a profound affect in some individuals and may influence area with less hair loss initially to a greater degree.

The patient was treated with Acell after his surgery . We counted the the number of extraction sites At the 5 month mark and  found that 61% of all extraction sites regenerated hair follicles.

As you can see by the photos, the results are stunning for just 5 months, it usually takes up to 12-15 months for full hair restoration results.