Dr. John P. Cole has been practicing the method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant surgery for more than 20 years. Over this period of time, he has really become a master of this technique. He has patients who travel from across the world to receive his one-of-a-kind hair transplant, which has come to be called the Cole Isolation Technique or CIT. Patients are not the only ones interested in Dr. Cole’s hair transplant; Other hair transplant surgeons also seek out Dr. Cole’s expertise by attending on-site, hands on training sessions.

FUE is the method of removing individual follicular units from the donor region and carefully placing them into their desired locations. What makes this procedure so special is that the patient is not limited as to where the donor grafts will come from. Hair can be transplanted from the beard, chest, or any other area of the body with adequate density. Additionally, follicular units can be chosen to match the region in need of hair transplant. This is particularly important when designing natural looking hairlines.

When performing FUE hair transplant, Dr. John Cole uses small punches ranging from 0.75mm to 1.35mm. He developed the punches along with other FUE devices himself, as he was the pioneer for this technique. These innovative tools are manufactured and sold by Cole Instruments Inc. Small punches reduce the likelihood of scarring and are associated with faster recovery times. They also allow for minimal depth extraction, leading to reduced transection rates of the hair follicles. Furthermore, because the punches make such small incisions, no stitches are needed with FUE. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, these tools can help maximize patient outcomes.

Recently, Dr. John Cole performed a FUE hair transplant on a repeat patient at his main clinic in Atlanta, Ga. The patient received his first hair transplant from Dr. Cole around 3½ years ago. At that time, 3394 grafts were placed in his frontal region. Dr. John Cole used a 0.85mm punch for the extractions. Due to increased loss of preexisting hairs in his crown, the patient returned for a second procedure to have additional coverage added. Another 3133 grafts were placed for a total number of 6527 grafts. Again, Dr. Cole performed the transplant using a 0.85mm punch size. The patient result thus far is phenomenal.

This patient was a Class 5 on the Norwood Scale prior to his initial transplant. Patients who are Norwood Scale Class 5 have extensive hair loss in the frontal, temporal, and crown regions; and typically, would need a large number of grafts (at least 5000) to have noticeable coverage in the area. However, with Dr. Cole’s less is more approach, the patient was able to have fewer grafts placed in a single session and see a positive result. To augment his FUE hair transplant results, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and ACell were administered after the first transplant. While the patient has not been receiving annual PRP and ACell injections, he has maintained the use of Propecia and Rogaine.

Dr. Cole uses PRP and ACell alone as well as in conjunction with hair transplant procedures. PRP contains multiple growth factors responsible for wound healing and tissue regeneration. It is used to reduce pain and swelling and improve hair growth. ACell is placed directly on the donor extraction sites. With FUE, stem cells are left behind. ACell then activates these stem cells, thus promoting regrowth of hair follicles and improving the appearance of the donor area. While this particular patient only received one PRP/ACell treatment over the past few years, it very well may have boosted his results. With his first procedure producing such excellent results, one can only imagine what excellent results the patient can look forward to over the coming months.

Dr. Cole continues to seek out the newest and most effective hair loss treatments available. He is dedicated to providing all patients with the best, most natural results and always aims to deliver the highest quality FUE hair transplant possible.