I have heard that it is possible through gene therapy and biological methods to make straight here permanent curly. Do you know if this is on the market yet for cosmetic purposes and if so please can you provide contact details of the clinics.

There are many potential gene therapies being investigated now. One company in San Diego (which researchers do not name) is supposedly working on a cream to help regrow hair using gene therapy. They evidently are also working on one to turn grey hair back to its dark original color, and one to cause a “permanent permanent” (straight hair turned curly). These are a ways off from being released to the public, if they even prove to be effective.
If they do work, at least partially, they would then have to go through FDA approval, which may take years and cost tens of millions of dollars (although there would certainly be plenty of investors in a product that would cure baldness, for example).
Also, there are many ethical questions that are only now being raised regarding gene therapy. Some have to do with creating “cosmetic or aesthetic perfection” for those who can afford it, and creating an underclass of “cosmetically challenged” humans, who cannot.

Certainly no one is going to forbid someone from marketing a cure for baldness, or a “genetic permanent”; however, these possibilities are at this point just that: possibilities. The press tends to take these things and run with them, but they are often exaggerated and made to seem closer to mass consumption than they really are.