Dear Dr. Cole, I read your article regarding hair transplant surgery in Bangkok.  I currently live in Singapore.  Do you have any plans to come to Singapore?  I’m interested in hair restoration.  Huang

Dear Huang, the purpose of our trip to Bangkok was to help train physicians in the art and science of FUE.  We do not have an office in Singapore at this time.  Asian physicians are very skilled in FUT.  You are in good hands in Singapore, however.  I recommend that you see Dr. Tyng Yuan Tan.  She has extensive training in hair transplant surgery.  She is a very conscientious physician dedicated to her patients.  I’ve personally seen her perform hair restoration surgery.  She has excellent hands and assisted me in one of my hair restoration surgery procedure in Bangkok.  Not only that, she is a very pleasant person with remarkable compassion.  She impressed me immediately.  Thank you very much for your interest.