I find this interesting. This is another FUE extraction site treated with ACEll in a hyaluronic acid mixture after 5 weeks. It is still too early to tell if the hair might regrow in the extraction site though I have seen this. It does appear that a single hair is forming in the extraction site, which appear as a black nub. What is interesting is the appearance of a capillary in the skin. These are usually missing following FUE and help lead to the loss of pigment in the extraction site. I””ve done enough FUE to spot extraction sites anytime I look at a donor area even when no hypopigmentation occurs. It is an observation based on experience with FUE. With this donor area, I could not find any evidence that FUE was performed. The red circle is where I would expect a follicular unit to be. The entire donor area looked like this. The black circle is 10 sq mm. I had the dermlite people make this reticule for me.

The long hair after 5 weeks is a result of a completely non-shaven procedure of 1464 grafts. I call this C2G. It is still to early to say for sure because I need more results, but this is an example of what I have seen in donor areas treated fully with ACELL with my method of FUE where I use minimal depth control. The initial problem was treating all the extraction sites with a powder. I overcame this with mixing it in a viscous hyaluronic acid. More recently I have been mixing in a more viscous cellulose. I have a few comparative examples where I am looking at powder, hyaluronic acid, and cellulose. Time will hopefully tell. I think the minimal depth incision technique along with Acell may result in better healing than a full depth incision.  Maybe we will see more hair regrowth over time. Maybe not. Still no one could comb through this donor area and find any evidence that a hair transplant had been done. It appears that we really are coming full circle today. Not only have we produced optimal results in the recipient area such that you cannot tell that a hair transplant has been done. Even the trained eye cannot see evidence that a hair transplant was done in the recipient area.