Ever since my surgery, I have been losing ALOT of hair. Now, I have
heard about shock-loss, however, I though shock-loss was suppose to
happen further down the road (2-8 weeks after surgery). I have also heard about HAIRS BEING “TRANSECTED”, which will subsequently fall out.
Now, I am really afraid that the large volume of hairs I am losing is from TRANSECTION because the surgeon implanted ALOT of hairs in “crowded” areas and therefore, A high probability for transection. Also, the surgeon did NOT shave my head to minimize the chances of “transection”. Taking this all into consideration, what do you think?

Shock loss generally begins about 2 weeks after a procedure. Since your surgery was 2 weeks ago, I would think that the hair loss you are experiencing is most likely shock loss at this point. However, you also indicate that you experienced increased hair loss immediately following surgery; this is not typical of shock loss. You may simply be experiencing a normal progression of hair loss. Hair loss will often go dormant for a long period and then suddenly resume at any point in time, including right after a surgery.

Skilled and experienced physicians will rarely transect hairs when they make their recipient sites; less gifted and experienced ones may. If a large portion of your hair was transected during surgery, I would expect them to start falling out and shedding very soon after a procedure. Top physicians do not need to shave the recipient area, but it does help any physician do a better job of making the recipient sites and placing the grafts when the head is shaved (due to improved visibility).