Would it be possible to keep the number of units down to saw 300 to 500 per session to minimize swelling, post op. hair loss and cash out lay?

When you do a strip procedure, you want to do as many grafts as possible to help reduce the risk of wider scarring and improve the efficiency of the strip procedure. When you do CIT or an FUE procedure, it does not affect the efficiency of the procedure no matter how many grafts you do.
Furthermore, there is no strip scar to worry about with CIT or FUE.

The number of grafts you do may have an affect on shock loss. For instance, if you graft only a portion of the scalp, only that portion may have shock loss. The remainder of the scalp will not have shock loss. One variable that may affect shock loss is the density of grafts that you place on the top. If you keep the density lower, the risk of shock loss will be less. If you attempt a higher density, the risk of shock loss may increase.

With FUE and CIT, you can keep the number of grafts performed down and this will reduce the risk for shock loss. Shock loss does not affect most individuals when you have a capable physician perform your procedure. Therefore, the trade off may be less hair in the near future that is grafted to your thinning areas. That trade off may be unnecessary. Then again, shock loss can have a tremendous negative impact on your psychological well being so it often advisable to avoid shock loss whenever possible.