HI ! Being a person who had hairtransplants starting in the early 70”s(Old Punch style) How effective would be the new FUE procedure filling in the spaces along side the old, with limited donor

There are a few different options when it comes to plug repair: you can have them removed entirely, you can break them down and redistribute the smaller follicular units for a more natural look, or you can have additional hair transplanted around them to conceal the “pluggy” appearance.

Unfortunately, a depleted donor supply will limit your options somewhat, as it could require a significant number of grafts to sufficiently conceal the
existing plugs. Similarly, if your prior procedure(s) created a very low hairline, a FUE surgeon might be reluctant to place additional grafts below
the existing plugs, as it will be very difficult to achieve natural-looking results this way.

To determine the best option for you personally, I would suggest that you schedule an in-person consult or submit detailed photos, of both your donor
and recipient regions, for an experienced FUE surgeon to review. This way, the physician can evaluate the extent of work needed, the donor supply
available, and your expectations, to help you determine the best way to proceed.