I am moved to India and I was thinking of using the Finpecia manufactured by Cipla which seems to be same as propecia. But I need your advice regarding this. Finpecia is easily available in India rather than shipping the propecia from US. Can you please suggest weather it is safe to switch to Finpecia or not?

Unless Merck has sold the licensing rights to another company to make the exact same thing as Propecia, this is not the same as Propecia. There are many companies in India that make knock off drugs that are supposed to be the same thing, but you really have no idea what you are taking.

Merck is not likely to allow another company to copy their brand anymore than Microsoft would allow another company to make a knock off version of Windows. Keep looking for Propecia. You can buy generic Proscar if you can find a brand that is the real thing. This is 5 mg of finasteride so you just break the tiny pills into 4 equal pieces and take 1/4 pill each day. This will really reduce your cost. You might be better off brining that in from a reliable source such as the USA. The laws here really are intended to protect both the manufacturer and, more importantly, the consumer.