It’s not always feasible for NW class 5-6 patients to restore a full head of hair when there are financial constraints involved.   For some patient hair transplant costs is something to be considered and they seek for the best results with minimum investment. Dr. Cole is able to address hairloss with such patients.   Here is an example.

For this pastor who wanted to feel more comfortable in front of his congregation,  Dr.  Cole transplanted a total of 2552 grafts and left the hairline elevated to a mature position.

We know that 2500 grafts, initially, is good coverage for the frontal area.  If these results stand alone, it is best to leave the hairline higher because a lower hairline requires more grafts (around 4000-5000).  This graft count will not address the crown area.  The intent achieved here was to leave a natural and isolated crown.  If desired, the patient can still address the crown area at a later date.

To summarize what is here, at times we must design a transplant which not only address hairloss, but create solutions for patients with  financial limitations that require low cost fue hair transplant.  Success with making the budget fit the hair loss is an advance level of hair restoration surgery which is taught to all students of Dr. Cole.