A recent episode of online chat show, MyFaceMyBody, reveals men’s top concerns about their appearance, whether they would consider cosmetic surgery and who most influences their looks.

According to this survey, men are most afraid of losing their hair, with four out of five saying it’s a concern of theirs. Furthermore, over a quarter of respondents (27%) reported that they would consider having surgical treatment for hair loss, such as a hair transplant. A third of respondents said they would shave off all of their hair if they developed bald patches.

During the program, English television star, Warren ‘Ace’ Furman speaks about his recent hair restoration surgery. Of the experience, he says: “I had a hair transplant and am thrilled with the results, I look ten years younger. Initially I wasn’t that bothered about my hair, but I was only 35 when I looked in the mirror and saw Phil Collins staring back at me.”

Men are reportedly more concerned with their appearance than we tend to assume, with almost three quarters of men (72%) saying their appearance is important to them. As far as who influences their appearance, 46% of men sighted their wives and girlfriends as having the most influence, 19% admitted that they tried to copy celebrities (top style role models included Johnny Depp and President Obama), and 34% reported they want to look good for their own satisfaction.

The top five surgical procedures men say they would consider are: nose surgery, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), liposuction, breast reduction and hair transplantation.