I”ve seen some of your posts on some hair loss forums talking about PRP and ACell. I just had this procedure done two weeks ago and have since then seen an increase in shedding. I saw that you wrote that you”ve never had this happen, although it has been reported. From what you have seen or heard, is this shedding temporary? I”m terrified that I”ve actually made the situation worse than it actually is. I”m 28 year old female who had some diffuse thinning in the frontal area of my scalp and had heard good things about PRP. I understand not all treatments work for everyone but is it possible that this loss I”m experiencing will be permanent?? I”m so worried. Any insight from you will be greatly appreciated.

There are many reasons for hair loss. After a procedure, one would most likely assume that it is due to the “shock” of the surgery. If this is the case, it should grow back over the next year with most of it resuming growing in the first 6 months. Another reason to loose hair is due to progressive androgenic alopecia. This sort of hair loss tends to occur in phases. One tends to sit on a plateau for a long time. Then suddenly, one falls off the edge of the cliff on the plateau. This results in tremendous hair loss that is not going to come back. This sort of hair loss is not due to the procedure. Rather, this sort of hair loss is genetic. It is rare for the procedure and the progressive hair loss to occur at the same time. It”s sort of like winning the lottery in terms of statistics, except we look forward to winning the lottery. We do not look forward to hair loss. Still the probability of timing a procedure with the turning on of your genetic clock is rare. Most likely you have “shock loss”, which is reversible. Remember, that shock loss begins about 2 weeks after a procedure and ends about 2 weeks later. Progressive hair loss will begin at any time and may occur after the 4th week. If you are more than 4 weeks out and your hair loss begins, it is probably progressive androgenic alopecia.