I am planning sexual reassignment surgery because I am a woman inside and out. Unfortunately, I have androgenic alopecia. Is it possible to undergo a hair transplant to give me a feminine look?

Yes, we frequently treat transgender patients who wish to become more feminine. The following is an example of such a case. The patient has androgenic alopecia, unfortunately. The patient desired to treat the area of hair loss to achieve a more acceptable feminine appearance. The patient had 3200 grafts placed on the top and front of the scalp. Initially, she planned to wear a hair system in the crown area, but due to the success of the initial procedure, she elected to also treat the crown area with grafts.

In treating transgender patients who wish to enhance their feminine appearance, it is important to build a feminine hairline and get as much density as possible. Often times it takes a second procedure to achieve the density these ladies desire.

The grafts in this instance were all harvested using the Power Cole Isolation Device or PCID. The grafts were harvested at a rate of over 2000 per hour. This is an excellent example of how FUE can work in transgender patients.

One thing she was very proud of was her conversation with other physicians involved in her care. They all wanted to know where the strip scar was. When she informed them that the procedure was done without a scalpel, they are all amazed. That’s the power of FUE.